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ML Kishigo 1193-1194 Economy One Pock...
ML Kishigo JS102-103 Hi-Vis Hooded Fu...
ML Kishigo JS121-122 Economy Bomber J...
ML Kishigo 1191-1192 Economy Six Pock...
ML Kishigo JS150 Premium Black Series...
ML Kishigo 9110-9111 High Performance...
ML Kishigo PL-V17-V18 P-Series Mesh Vest
ML Kishigo 1547-1548 Class 2 Zipper M...
ML Kishigo 2826-2827 Beanie
ML Kishigo B100-103 Enhanced Visibili...
ML Kishigo 9145-9146 Economy Series C...
ML Kishigo 1085-1086 Ultra-Cool™ Mesh...

ML Kishigo is the passionate name of the manufacturer of high-quality workwear. ML Kishigo is the name, has been providing us workwear for 40 years. It strongly believes in customer service that is why it always provide what exactly customer demands. it always seeks ways to cater to the needs of comfortable yet effective high visibility apparel. The company is always eager to design and introduce that workwear which is like to the second tool of doing their jobs that means that their designed apparel should be too effective and demanding. They especially take care of the comfort of the safety apparels because ML Kishigo perfectly knows that you spend long hours at work and it is always exhausting but comfortable workwear can be helpful to minimize this exhaustion Thexaexhaustion. The experience of four decades has nurtured the company in a way that it was successfully launched the products like ML Kishigo Bomber jacket or ML Kishigo 1085 or ML Kishigo Class 3 vest. If you are really looking for something comfortable yet effective as your safety apparel then you should try P-Series Mesh Vest or Economy Vest with Contrast Zipper Front. You would definitely love this product and be convinced of their quality for sure.

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