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Badger 7207 Pro Mesh 7" Shorts
Badger 7209 Pro Mesh 9" Shorts
Badger 7219 Pro Mesh 9" Shorts with P...
Badger 0300 Headband
Badger 0301 Wide Headband
Badger 4119 B-Core 10" Shorts with Po...
Badger 4109 B-Core 9" Shorts
Badger 4104 B-Core Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Badger 8529 Pro Mesh Reversible Tank
Badger 7216 Women's Pro Mesh 5" Short...
Badger 1216 Women’s Athletic Fleece J...
Badger 4130 B-Core Sleeveless T-Shirt

Badger is a well known and quality assured sports manufacturer who always tries to offer durable sports outfit which cannot be completed by anyone else easily. Badger has a reputation for fashionable sports apparel which is a need of time. Badger really focuses on the design and each product is the reflection of unique design research and application. it also understands the need for comfortable dresses for activewear, so the fabric chosen by Badger is always comfy. It is the proud manufacturer of more than 10 collections. each collection has some unique and distant features which make it stands out in the crowd of other sports apparel. Badger knows that each field is now a day influenced by fashion so do the sports. Now, sports persons are required to wear eye-catching and jaw-dropping outfits, which can highlight even more. These outfits should be discussed on social media for couple of weeks. This approach instigates manufacturers to develop the products which can easily be categorized as trendy and fashionable that is the reason Badger brought the collection of OMBER. The high quality and stylish outfits, which can easily make someone prominent as a fashion icon. The selection of colors and their fusion is great. OMBER is the collection that attracts everyone whether he is adult or young. Like OMBER there are some other collections of Badger as well, which includes FIT-FLEX, TRI-BLEND, PRO HEATHER, etc.

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