The Pros & Cons Of Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirts

The craze of T-shirts is as old as century and it has been known as summer treats for a while.  It’s true that T-shirts are mostly worn in summers but with the choice of right fabric and style, it can be worn in any season.

T-shirts can be found in various fabrics, which separate them from spring wear to autumn wear. Winter wear to summer wear. Since winter and autumns make the use of T-shirts very limited, summer is a season which fully welcomes T-shirts with open arm. In summers it does not only help one to feel cool but it has been used to absorb perspirations.

If you are T-shirts lover and want to don them in a summer then a short sleeves jersey t-shirt is highly recommended to you. Short sleeves T-shirts look smart and classy. The origin of T-shirts is actually based on the short sleeves. It provides cool effects in a summer and if you want to enjoy cool breeze of then the short sleeves T-shirts are must for your wardrobe.

There are numerous T-shirts options available in markets but if we focus on those which are designed to be worn in summer then jersey T-shirts are best.

Jersey is the fabric which is all time favorite for those who love to wear T-shirts. If you want some cozy t-shirts which also provide the quality of odor absorbent then jersey is really meant for you. The natural property of jersey to resist the odor not only makes people safe from embarrassment but it also let cleaning the t-shirt easier. The easy washable material of jersey also adds another property of the fabric.

With pros there are also some cons of the jersey. The first but the most important con is shrinking nature of jersey. Jersey may be shrunk when it immersed in water. To avoid this problem, many companies have started pre shrunk the jersey fabric.

After searching hard you may come across different companies which offer sleeveless jersey t shirts but Bella Canvas is a name which do not only offer a comfortable T-shirts but it also provide thin fabric which is best for screen printing or digital printing. It means that you may choose to wear Bella Canvas T shirts as it is distributed in market or you may get it customized as per your choice. All in all Bella Canvas is the best choice for summer apparel.

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  1. It’s good to know that jerseys can be cozy t-shirts while providing the quality of odor absorbent material. My wife has been looking for a t-shirt that would help with my body odor and she was wanted to find a comfy t-shirt for me as well. I’ll let her know that I could get a jersey t-shirt for my body odor and so I can be comfortable while wearing it.

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