Pique Polo – A new love for the Shirt

Pique Polo Shirts

The fashion of Polo is centuries old. Initially, it was considered as a sports apparel but with the passage of time, it evolved and grew into trendy shirts, which everyone loves. From the beginning until today, polo has evolved in many different styles and fabrics. Nowadays a kind of Polo is too demanded because of its comfort and quality. Yes, we are talking about Pique Polo. It is not a new innovation, but still, we felt the need of discussing it because of the huge demand for this polo.

What is Pique Polo Shirt

Most people have heard about Pique polo, but they have not any idea what it is. To love pique polo, one must know what is Pique and why it is called Pique? Pique is a unique fabric, which is generally made of cotton or cotton-polyester blend. The most prominent attribute of Pique is it looks rather presentable and formal than a jersey. It’s a knitted fabric, which is really good for summer as it is breathable and comfortable. The colors on Pique polo are exclusive. It looks decent and gorgeous that is the reason Pique polo has some different class, which makes it stand out in the crowd. Since today we only meant to discuss Pique Polo, so now onwards term Polo would include Pique by default.

Best Polo Shirts for Women

Polo is just not a favorite T-shirt for men only. It is equally liked by the women and brands always struggle to find ways to please women. Mesh pique polo is an all-time favorite by the women. It is durable and comfortable and above all, it has grace, which could no be attained by any other fabric. In Mesh Pique Ultra Club 8210L is most demanded by ladies. Ladies love colors and this specific tee has more than twenty colors. Apart from the color fun, 8210L has durability, which much other pique lacks.

Best Polo Shirts for Men

Men are nowadays as choosy for an outfit as women. They love to have options and for a pique, polo shirts men do have more options than women. Nowadays cool and dry mesh pique polo is too popular in men’s and just like ladies UltraClub 8210L is much popular among them. It is actually a companion of ladies 8210L and has the same sexy class. Although men do not go for many color choices, Ultraclub likes to have this option to its customers. This lovely shirt provides great comfort, keeps you dry and fits you well as per your size.

Sleeves in Polo

Traditionally Polo comes with short sleeves, but with the emerging fashion. Polo is now also available in long sleeves. These long sleeves are best for autumn and look smart, but even today short sleeves polo are much more in demand than long sleeves. It may be because of the traditional looks of a tee. The smartest long sleeves polo is launched by Ash City with a style code 88192. It is a marvelous shirt with nice fitting and stylish looks. The shirt is available in many colors and all the colors are equally liked by the customers.

Fitting of A Polo

Any shirt can look good if it is fitted well, but Pique has some unique strengths from one of which is excellent fitting. If you know your size perfectly then buying Pique online would not be a difficult task for you because it always embraces your body in a way it should be. All the shoulders, sleeves, collars rest efficiently just because of the fabric because it is created in a way to provide the best fitting. Slim fit polo shirts are mostly made on Pique, which increases the fitting efficiency of a shirt the same goes for performance polo, which is nowadays in huge demand and it is a hot-selling brand.

Best Polo Shirt Brands

Although there are a number of brands and manufacturers out there who claimed to be best, only a customer can decide who is best. Brands like Gildan, Hanes, Under Armour, are always known for their quality and durability most of the time people love to go for these and some other brands for their favorite polo tees. These brands also entertain resellers to sell wholesale polo shirts. It increases their popularity and demand. Some brands like Gildan or jerseys are being sold on e-commerce websites like Amazon or e-bay through third parties because they have the quality everyone wanted and if too many sellers sell the same products then it leads to a decrease in price, which ultimately beneficient for customers.

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